Antarctica Countries List

List of Antarctic Countries

There are seven sovereign states with territorial claims to eight territories in Antarctica. The Antarctic Countries page is a list of all Antarctic countries (the continent of Antarctica) in alphabetical order with population, currencies, facts and flags of all Antarctic countries. If you wish, here is a list of the most affected:. This treaty obliges the parties to use Antarctica for peaceful purposes only. In the following you will find a list of our members.

Antarctic flags - List of Antarctic countries

There are no banners found in this set..... Antarctica is the fifth largest planet in the planet, and it is located on the Antarctic Ocean. The Antarctic is the continents around the South Pole of the Earth. Antarctic means "before the north". Surrounding the continents are the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Today, the marine areas around Antarctica are known as the Southern Ocean or Antarctic Ocean. The Antarctic contains 90% of the world's total glaciers. It' the coolest area on the planet. It is almost entirely overgrown by a thick pack of icebergs with an mean depth of 2200 metres.

The temperature of 2 C was once recorded in Antarctica. The Antarctic was first explored in 1820. The Antarctic is the world' most arid continents with an avarage precipitation of 170 mm per year. It has the highest mean windspeed of 19.5 m/s (70.2 km/h) per year.

Due to the extremely low temperatures, almost nothing grows in Antarctica. There' only two blossoming vines and some moss in Antarctica. About 1000 persons live in Antarctica. There are no inhabitants on the continents, but several government research centres are located there. The Antarctic is not split in political terms, but several countries took up several plays in the first half of the twentieth-century.

These requirements are of little importance, but are still met by the cartographer, so that the continents are often portrayed as giant cakes. In most countries there is a research centre in Antarctica in the area they claim. The Antarctic Treaty was drafted in 1961, which provides for academic research but prohibits the conduct of warfare on the African mainland.

Countries can be ordered in alphabetical order by the name of the land, but also by inhabitants and area. Every banner has a descriptive text and it is also indicated which colours are used and what the initial part of the banner is. You can also specify when a state first adopted the banner, when the actual banner was used for the first and when the last change was made to the actual banner.

Select from our wide range of vectors, pictures, backgrounds or our large icon collections for each of these. Besides information about the global standards, you will also find information about all countries. Every time you click on a banner, you will see a chart of the state of the land in the globe and on the mainland.

You will find general information about countries such as populations, sizes, population densities, capitals, languages, governments, currencies and timezones. You can see the neighbouring countries with each banner and you can also see what the neighbouring countries' nationals' banners look like.

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