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JourneyAdvisor has reviews of Annobon Island hotels, attractions and restaurants that make it your best Annobon Island resource. It makes little sense that Annobón is an area of Equatorial Guinea without an understanding of the colonial history of this region. Anobón, also called Pagalu, volcanic island in the South Atlantic near the equator; it belongs to Equatorial Guinea. Since Annobon Island is much closer to STP than Equatorial Guinea, have I wondered whether it is possible to sail by sea?

A new checklist of vascular plants of Annobón Island (Equatorial Guinea) is presented.

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Embark on this enigmatic and remote archipelago to watch whales. It makes little point that Annobón is an area of Equatorial Guinea without an appreciation of the area' s cultural and historical heritage. Situated 480 km south-west of Corisco, separate from the remainder of the country by a large part of the Atlantic Ocean and the Isle of São Tomé.

This is the home of an isolation of a few thousand inhabitants who speaks Fá d'Ambô, a Portugese Creole language of exceptional origin. Marginalized by history, Annobón is rapidly evolving thanks to a building booming on the islands that was triggered by the finalization of the new international airfield in 2010.

Drive to Annobón to hike through the vulcanic landscape, watch whales and savour some unspoilt gold sands. Landed in the minute city of San Antonio de Pale at the north tip of the isle, almost everything you need is within easy reach on foot, and if not, you can always hop in a small ship to discover the even smaller villages in the south.

The circumnavigation of the isle in a proper ship lasts less than 2 h! Exploring the least frequented part of Equatorial Guinea has never been so easy.

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