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Fishing huts on the island of Andros

On the water we do fly fishing, diving and nature tours. The Bahamas. This mothership takes the diving safari to a new level. If you are looking for a unique fly fishing experience in the Bahamas, Eva's Bonefish Lodge is the place for you. Eva's Bonefish Lodge Andros Island Bahamas.

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Experienced fishermen have been travelling to Bairs Island's Bairs Island for over two years. The thing that makes Bairs so covetable is its position. Conveniently situated to access the island's southern and western fishing areas, this tropical fisherman' s paradise provides a wide variety of fishing opportunities across oceans, streams and lakes. Bairs is the best for those looking for world-class bonefishing in the Bahamas.

The Bairs Lodge on Andros Island is known for the biggest bonefish in the Caribbean. Year after year, the western side of the island of Andros produces huge quantities of pelagic music. On the southern side of the island is infinite with complicated streams and inner lakes that offer every fisherman the chance to capture a big one.

There are two words to explain the keys to fertile go-fishing in South Andros: Living space and living space quality. Anros is the biggest island of the Bahamas. The island of Andros provides more sq. kilometres of unpressurised housing than anywhere else in the state. Fishing off this island is the most diverse in the whole wide range, with sea front sandy beaches, fishing by boats or in the sea, turtles' grassland and mangrove areas.

Bair's is not only known for its first-class fishing. Off-shore and marine life such as Wahoo, tunnel fish, gilthead, snappers, barracudas and groupers also offer good sporting opportunities and excursions can be organised by the hostelry of theodge. Our locally trained fishing guide is specialized in various areas. - A multitude of streams and lakes are just a few steps away from the chalet in our convenient, powerful shallow water skiing areas.

  • Many of the fishing grounds open into large coves, interspersed with small caves, which are favoured in fullness by the winds and bony fish. - Both streams open up the famous western side of the island and other secluded coves in the southern and southwestern areas that provide fly fishermen with gunfire for the hard-to-follow permission of the Bahamas and Tarpons.

The Bahamas Bonefishing is a pleasant adventure that can be as profound as you want it to be. In order to get to know the techniques used by native instructors, fishermen must familiarise themselves with tidal pattern, windspeed and directions, new equipment demands and the new knot. They have the ability to find the right catch, the necessary perseverance to guide you through the entire casting procedure, from the perfection of the litters to the correct use of the catch and everything in between.

They' re world-class professionals with advice to help you shape and learn new techniques that will make you a world-class fisherman in no amount of at all. The Bairs Lodge is a plantation-styled mansion in a leafy haven with lush vegetation and palms on the eastern side of South Andros Island.

There is a hammock at the seaside, a fireplace and a breathtaking panoramic area. Situated in an open-air lounge and dinning area with overhead ventilators and A/C, convenient couches, TV, lounge, BBQ and sea-front. The Bairs Guesthouse is proud to serve its customers extraordinary dishes made from locally grown products, the finest shellfish (ahi-tunas, lobsters, mussels, groupers and pork snappers), tasty noodles and first-class meat.

Every single morningĀ our top cook is baking bread, biscuits and biscuits. Muesli, tea, boiled egg, sausage, tea, boiled fruit, boiled egg, sausage and/or semolina are served at the lunch. There is also an open air lounge inside the camp. Returning from a fishing trip, you can enjoy a wide range of refreshments, as well as beer, spirit and a cocktail-mixer.

Bahamas is an island in the northern part of the Carribean Isles. The majority of its population concentrates on New Providence Island, Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island. While the secluded islets where you will fish are dotted with small towns, the locals can still relish many of the amenities of the land under this easy way of being.

You will explore some of the world's most stunning shores, fishing and diving spots in the Outdoor Islands. It is the biggest of the Bahamas, but also one of the least advanced islands of the group. These light-hearted surroundings offer a haven for fly-fishing, encircled by streams and canals in the interior of the country. The Bairs Lodge is situated in Little Creek on the island of South Andros, 10 min from the city of Congo.

Western Air and Bahamas Air also fly from Nassau to Congo Town every single flight. Bairs Lodge Comes Soon! You must have a validity of six month after the last date of your journey to Latin America. You can also indicate your boots and waders for fishing or canoeing.

I would like to thank you on the group' s behalf for your effort during our recent visit to Bair's fortress. It' s clear that you are passionately interested in making Bair's a great place to live and work. It was a great experience to see the luxury yet relaxation that you and the other people at the chalet have made.

I was also struck by the group' s leadership team. HAROLDS, USA The chalet and the crew were "top-notch" for a pleasant sojourn. We can' t say enough good things about Bair's, his co-workers and accommodation, and we will be back as long as we are healthy.

ADAMA: John S., Naples FL has been with Bair's for over 15 years. The best boonefish bahamas I have ever been to. Fishing, the leaders, the lodge, eating, folks. Everyone was already saying there would be a change of reservation for next year, even before we leave the island. I' ve fell in Love with the island and fishing, not to speak of our new Argentinean and Bairs mates.

Our team had a great time at the lodge last weekend and the venue was great. In spite of the difficult fishing condition, the guide did very well and put every single vessel on fishing. Household personnel were very courteous and the meals met the Bairs standard.

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