Anakena Beach Easter Island South Pacific Ocean

The Anakena Beach Easter Island South Pacific

From there you can see the Pacific Ocean. The Easter Island, a tiny spot in the Pacific Ocean, is known worldwide for its stone figures. The Easter Island is located in the South Pacific, closer to Tahiti than to the Chilean mainland. Anakena Beach and shore, turquoise water, Easter Island, South Pacific. Anakena Beach Easter Island Palms and Moai, Pacific.

Spacious Pacific Beach - Anakena Beach, Easter Island, Chile

Me and my missus used to spend some quality free beach hours after we had visited several moai for one of them. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoons and the beach was full. Next to the beach itself, Anakena has a park-like area where families and boyfriends can grill and have a picnic. Until you leave the beach, don't miss the Ahu Nau Nau and Ahu Ature Huki, both of which are situated far away from the sea facing up-country.

At the northern end of Easter Island is Anakena Beach, which is safe from the sea and is located near a Moai platefor. There is an old moai in the plateau as part of the basis. Beaches, moai, eateries and stores are all in the immediate vicinity. Beautiful South Pacific beach with an impressing number of moai.

Have you ever been to Anakena Beach?

Easter Island - Best swim - A look back at Anakena Beach, Easter Island, Chile

The Anakena is a great beach for sunbathing, bathing and just to hang out. There' s also Moai to see. They also have very neat toilets - a great thing when you're on Easter Island. Hot water, sand, heaven. Suited for swim, safely and beautifully. We had four sunburned trips and enjoy the beach.

It' nice waters and smooth sands. Anakena' is definitely a worthwhile place to be. First of all, the beach is wonderful blank sandy, which is a surprise, as the remainder of the island consists of dark vulcanic mud. A great beach for some ro and ro. Nice beach with nice palm tree sands.

It' a good idea to stop here if you rent a vehicle for an island trip. Have you ever been to Anakena Beach?

northern coast

near the Anakena Bay. On Easter Island, the highest mai ever is Mount Pito Kura on the northern shore of La PĂ©rouse Bay. This 10-metre long sculpture, known by the nickname "Paro", is lying face down next to the hoo, waiting to be restored. One ovoid rock next to the eagle's navel is Te Pito o Te Henua.

Hotu Matu'a is said to have imported the rock from Te Hiva, the Rapanui home. It is thought that the rock has magic power. Anakena Beach is 20km north east of Hanga Roa on the cobbled main road or 30km above Rano Raraku.

The Anakena is the place of embarkation of Hotu Matu'a. One of the moais on Ahu Ature Huki here was rebuilt in 1956 by Thor Heyerdahl, as can be seen on a wooden plate - the first sculpture to be renovated on the island. The Ahu Nau Nau in Anakena wears seven mai, four with knots.

While restoring this hu in 1978, the archeologist Sergio Rapu found the renowned crystalline crystals on the statue.

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