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This atoll consists of eleven small barren islands with deeper and more fertile soil than other atolls in Tuamotus. The TripAdvisor has reviews of Anaa Island hotels, attractions and restaurants that make it your best Anaa Island resource. Discount flights to Anaa airport. Isle of Anaa is a small island in French Polynesia. Anaa (Gan?

) Atoll, located in the.


Anaa' s small igloo, the so-called Java lagoon, has eleven moto' s, which line the reefless bay thanks to the intensive greens of its lake. It was the birth place of the Pomare majesty and was also known for its fierce, martial conquest that penetrated the near plains that went to Rangiroa.

The island has since become much quieter and more inviting, where peace is assured. They can engage in marine sports such as scuba or submarine angling. When you discover the island, don't miss the Faeo, these up to three meter high reefs that are atollic.

The Anaa people are living around the Tukuhora community, where they have a long tradition of fishery and harvesting coppas.

in Anaa ("Tuamotu Islands", Central Pacific): A burgeoning Atollo?

These 4-5 metre high coral cliffs in the Anaa Atoll probably date from the last Icecap. Holocene coral cliffs, which recorded data between 3200 and 2000 B.C., are slightly higher than in other Tuamotu tunnels and appear to rise at a relatively high pace of about 0.1 mm yr-1.

The island's upward tendency is new and may be the consequence of a thermic regeneration when the part of the sea litosphere on which the island is located approaches the Society Islands hotspot.

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The Tuamotu Island is mostly made up of avocets, and normally an avatar can be characterised by a barricaded moto ( "small isles of coralline sediment") that are threaded along its inner edge, and a large central lake with one or more open sea watersheds.

The Anaa is like this, but was slightly elevated by tectonical powers, so that the moto all have an elevated basis from an old petrified one. That means that the moto is bigger and the laguna much flatter than a regular istoll. There' s no passage through the coral and there is very little water flow in the Laguna, and it is full of sediments that give it a stunning blue-green colour.

It is so bright ly coloured that you can see it reflected on the sea on the sky for miles. Anaa' s humans are known as the Parata (Paumotu meaning grey shark) and in antiquity they were wild soldiers who ruled most of the area.

Anaa was a centre of coir cultivation (dried coir meat) in which 10,000 inhabitants lived in five flourishing towns around the turn of the world. But in 1904, a severe hurricane struck the island, devastating four of the towns and initiating the human movements to Tahiti.

Then in 1984 another hurricane struck the island that devastated the rest of the town and it had to be reconstructed in a safer place. Nowadays only 400 inhabitants live here, but a captivating story is to be found in the abandoned towns, all of which still have their own church and other urban structures, cemeteries and old Cay.

Anaa was the first occasion they had a large group of visitors and they are hoping to use this as an opportunity to get started in the tourist world. Anaa is well placed for sports fishing, a tourist area. It is an ideal home for bony fish and there are many large plains where fishers have easy on them.

The Tahiti Expeditions has already sent Fischer there and we are hoping to work with the local community in Anaa to help us do so.

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