Amy Winehouse Book

An Amy Winehouse book

10 great songs arranged for voice, piano and guitar, played and recorded by Amy Winehouse. Rare exclusive photos of Bowie, Prince, Amy Winehouse & More. To Amy Winehouse - Back to Black.

My daughter of Mitch Winehouse

Amy Winehouse's relatives, boyfriends and supporters around the globe grieved on July 23, 2011 for the disappearance of this remarkably gifted and exceptionally generously proportioned young lady. There was a myriad of committed supporters who had dropped their idols; a ravaged hostage had dropped their Amy. It was with this troubled message that an infusion of affection and sadness came from her supporters, along with disturbing issues about Amy's very open battles with narcotics and drink as folks tried to comprehend how such a sensitive vocalist was brought to silence so young.

Well, in this down-to-earth and affectionate report, her dad and confidante Mitch provides an insight into Amy's live as she has been living it, ending once and for all the controversy that has long been surrounding her. Starting with the fictional, he presents a portrayal of Amy that differs from everyone else and describes the things that have happened and the young men who influenced her adolescence - from her waggish infancy and the tales of her grandmother's jazz age to her dad, who sings Frank Sinatra in the hous.

Mitch sheds a spotlight on Amy's unique approach to coming-of-age as she refined her unmistakable sounds, creating her own unique look and channeling her own lives in songs like "You Know I'm No Good", "Rehab" and "Back to Black" - some of the most catchy and intimate popular songs in years. Her hive coat, larger-than-life vocal and shameless character made her popular, her off-stage lives made her notorious.

Mitch does not hold back from Amy's addictions to narcotics and drinking and mixes the pain with the pain, while he discusses the reality of their addictions and the tribute they pay to their families and acquaintances who refuse to give them up. He reveals the true story of Amy's drug misuse and dispels many of the rumours of her turbulent relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil, Mitch reveals the years of backstage trauma that amy ate his live and how for those who knew Amy in her last few month, the greatest of tragedies was that she at last seemed to conquer her demon.

Featuring Amy Winehouse's musical insight, photos of her own lives and tales of the true wife behind the headline, "Amy, my daughter" is an emotive voyage into the world of song, obsession and the indestructible connection between a young girl and her sire.

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