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Amerikanisch-Samoaische Bar Association

America Samoa Bank; Soli Corp. v. v. v. [1] To file an appeals against a ruling by the Tiled Testing Department, an application for a new lawsuit must be lodged within 10 workingdays of a decision or a ruling. Rejection of an application for exemption from the T.C.R.C.P. Rule 60 shall be deemed to be an order under the above paragraph.

2 ] The aim of a request for a new procedure, which provides in particular for the inversion of the round, is to prevent undue appeal by giving the tribunal the possibility of correcting any mistakes. 3 ] It is irrelevant whether a request is filed as a request for a new procedure or as a request for re-examination, as long as it is on time and clearly notifies the Tiled Courts of alleged err.

4 ] The submission of an application for a new procedure is a compulsory legal requirement for the appointment. The Appellee Development Bank of American Samoa, für Appellee United States Small Business Administration, Roy J.D. Hall, Jr. It was on 8 November 1993 that that tribunal appealed the refusal of exemption from the T.C.R.C.P. 60(b) ruling.

1-3 ] In order to lodge an appeals against the ruling of the Litigation Department in the course of civilian proceedings, a request for a new procedure must be lodged within ten workingdays from the date of notification of the ruling. Likewise, the procedure of the High Courts states that "a request for a new procedure, as issued by 43. The application must be made to A.S.C.A. within 10 workingdays of the receipt of the contested judgement or order by the judicial officer.

In our opinion, the rejection of a request for exemption pursuant to Article 60 of the Rules of Procedure is considered "order" within the sense of this provision. A request for a reopening of the proceedings, setting out the reasons for the annulment, is intended to prevent undue appeal by giving the tribunal the possibility of correcting any mistakes.

Patea Taiulaga, 17 A. S. R. 2d 34, 35 (App. Div. 1990) (with reference to the Government of American Samoa v. King, AP No.19-1970, Slip op. at 3). Be it a request for a new procedure or a request for review, the law's requirements are fulfilled as long as the request is made within ten working days and the tribunal is clearly informed of the alleged mistakes in its ruling.

Asifoa, 17 A. S.R.2d 151, 152-53 (Country & Title Div. 1990); see Patea at 35. 4 ] In addition, the submission of an application for a new procedure is an MAI1datorial, judicial requirement for an appointment. Patea, 17 A. S.R.2d 206, 207 (App. Div. 1990); Lualemana v. Asifoa, 17 A. S.R.2d at 152-53; In re Matai title Mulitauaopele, 17 as 2

In re Matai Title Muagututi'a, 15 A. S. R. 2d 1,2 (Country & Title Div. 1990); Gi v. Temu (Mem.), 12 A. S. R. 2d 33 (Country & Title Div. 1989). There is a judicial system governing the need for a request for a new procedure or a new review of the judgement. See, for example, Fai'ivae v. Aumavae, AP 2-76 (adopted on 9 December 1977); United States Samoa v. King Administration, AP No. 19-1970; Judicial Memorandum No.2-87, 4 A. S.R.2d 172 (1987).

If, within the legal ten-day period (25ASR2d42), no application for a new examination or a new hearing in accordance with the "special feature" of Rule 7(b)(1) is submitted in due time, "the Appeals Division" shall be competent. is not entitled to lodge an action in such a case - irrespective of any opposing reason.

" Legal memorandum, Supra, 4 A. S. R. 2d at 174 (with reference to Fai'ivae, Supra). Typhoon against Palea, 17 A. S. R. 2d at 35. As this is a legal regulation, the effects of non-compliance are very serious: not at all. Typhoon against Palea, 17 A. S. R. 2d at 207. We herewith reject this appellation. The honorary William C. Can by, Jr, Circuit Judge, United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit, dient durch Benennung des Innenministers.

Honorary Alex R. Munson, Chief Justice of the United States District Court for the Northern Marianas, who serves through the appointment of the Home Secretary. Despite the fact that this issue has been rejected on legal ground, we believe that the appeals are unjustified.

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