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is an islander in the Pacific. Until 1997 it was formally named West Samoa, as the east part of the arcipelago is still an area connected to the United States. Whereas Samoa uses the +685 global destination number, American Samoa uses +1 684. There are 2 operator in the sovereign state Samoa in the west, today just named Samoa, with its two major Isles Upulo and Savai'i:

The 3G/HSPA+ is sold as a "4G" net, but true 4G/LTE began in 2017 on BlueSky at 700 MHZ ( (band 28) and 1800 MOZ ("band 3"). Only one GSM operator is on the radio in the east part of the country known as American Samoa. The LTE was introduced in March 2017 on tapes 2 and 12: the other American Samoa ASTCA (for American Samoa Telecommunications Authority) vendor uses CDMA instead, which is not GSM-enabled.

Blue Sky Samoa was formerly known as SamoaTel. It mainly belongs to BlueSky Communications and other Samoa and American Samoa based companies. It is the established and larger supplier on the island. However, it has the better cover at a slightly higher price: the cover chart. Your SAT 10 phone comes with SAT 5 balance.

Datapackets available: Standard bitrates are SAT 0. 32 per Mbyte, which is quite costly, so you would be better off with this. The available packets differ for 3G and 4G/LTE: 2G/3G plans: BlueSky American Samoa phone conversations, text or the use of information are deemed mobile phone services and are charged extra.

The Digicel Samoa is a Digicel Pacific entity and BlueSky's only competitor in the west of Samoa. They are well discernible on the island, but still have less cover at slightly lower cost. 2G cover card 3G cover card. As of the case of oeuvre a new SIM, SAT 5 outgo with any commercial expression approval, but without collection approval.

Charges can be purchased in many shops throughout Samoa as SAT 1 charges directly, as coupons named flexible maps of SAT 5 and 10 or on-line. The following parcels are available: In order to buy, select *123#, click 4 (for data) and select the pack. In order to verify the status of your funds and files, select *123#.

Only one GSM operator is on the road in the east part of the Samoan archipelago, which is connected to the USA. Blue Sky American Samoa is mainly held by Blue Sky Communications and other Samoa and American Samoa based companies. Like so often in small insular states, the price of dates is quite high, certainly higher than in the US.

The American Samoa rates are in US$ (USD). Notice that they use different frequency than in the west: 2G is at 850 and 1900 and 3G is at 850 megahertz. As in the West, its 3G/HSPA+ net is named "4G". The cost of activating is US$20, including an already active phone with a new BlueSky number plus US$10 to use.

Those packets are available: In order to buy a pre-paid packet, select *888# optional 3 "Buy packets". In order to verify your credit, select *888# Options 1 "Show credit" and you will get two SMS: one with your pre-paid credit and another with your MMB on your package.

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