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United States Samoa Visa, United Kingdom: Request, Requirements, American Samoan Visa Services by VisaHQ Ltd, London, UK. Mosambique Visa Service for citizens of American Samoa residing in Canada. Dokument Links. wwww.americansamoa.

gov - Terms of Use | Privacy | Sitemap. Find out more about passports and visas when you travel to American Samoa.

American-Samoa Visa, United Kingdom: Application, requirements. Request American Samoan Visa Online.

Samoa-American tourism visa is not necessary for UK nationals for a sojourn of up to 90 nights. If I plan a journey to American Samoa, what else do I need to know? First of all, please verify the actual expiry of your pass. Travellers require a traveler' s identity card which must be in force at least 90 working nights after their arrival in Samoa.

UK nationals can contact for application and instruction for new and renewed UK citizenship application documents. The majority of travel locations, American Samoa included, requires that you have sufficient unused pages in your pass to allow all necessary postmarks on your return and for all travel. UK nationals can have additional pages added to their passes at

Mozambican visa for American Samoa passportholders residing in Canada

Visa request forms in Zambia. To place an order on-line, please dowload, printout and signature the Mozambican visa request created by our system under your bankroll. American Samoa Pass with a minimum of 6 month expiry date. Identity photo: 2 Add a identity photograph with a blank backdrop taken within the last 6 month.

Or you can add a picture to your order so we can send it to you for printing. A copy of the round-trip ticket or detailled route for the length of the journey (the name of the applicant must be on the itinerary). A copy of the confirmation of the hotel reservation (the name of the applicant must be on the reservation). When you visit your relatives or your boyfriends in Mozambique, you must specify the following:

  • If your visa is not Mozambique, you must present a copy of your Mozambique visa together with a copy of your passport information page. - Letters of hospitality from the Mozambique Region. Sign the application and send it to the Consulate of Mozambique, Visa Section.

Family name, sex, date of birthday and ID data.

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