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American-Samoa travel guide | Fodor's Travel Samoa is a truly unconventional traveler' s paradise - a trip to this part of the country of about 70,000 inhabitants entails full privileges. Even the name of the city, Pago Pago, creates pictures of South Sea people like Somerset Maugham seated on wooden chairs under buzzing roofs. Pago Pago is situated in a wonderful harbour, overlooking Rainmaker Mountain, near secluded sandy shores, cliffy islets, and genuine towns.

American Samoa National Park has simple hiking paths with wide open spaces, and snorkelling is great in Fagetele Bay Marine Park.

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Me and some of my boyfriends also want to go to American Samoa. We' re US citizens, so this shouldn't be a problem. Someone is a legally established residing in the United States, however, as a Green Cardholder. I' ve tried contacting the Hawaiian agent myself, but have been told that I need to speak to the USCIS.

Of what I found, USCIS has no jurisdiction to entry and departure to American Samoa. I' ve also been in touch with the American Samoa representative in Washington, DC. You briefed me to speak to American Samoa lmmigration with the 684 area number. On one of the evenings I phoned these people and asked them if the Green Cards holders had to do it.

That salesman over there didn't even know what the green card meant. And all she said was that you had to put up $50 for the visas. They said that the copy of airline ticket and the copy of the pass. But we couldn't buy a ticket because my boyfriend needed a permit first.

and no visas. However, if you choose to stay permanently, you do not need a residence permit. There was nothing I could verifiy anything with the American Samoa agent to corroborate this problem. Firstly, how can I buy the airline tickets and nobody can guarantee that the visas will be made out?

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