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The Fujifilm, Airstream and American Samoa Visitors Bureau for making this project possible. The athletes paddle for glory in Samoa. Aims of the Authority The aim was to move the focus from the visitor to the wider tourism approach and also to highlight the policy, planning and research capabilities of the Authority, and to adapt the governmental body to the Minister of Tourism and Administration to whom it is reporting and the economic sector to which it is serving as the National Tourism Board.

Govt. says tourism figures are rising

Samoa Tourism Authority (S.T.A.) has published Samoa's Bureau of Statistics results showing that the number of tourists to Samoa continued to grow during the April-June time. Quarterly numbers show 35,225 visits to check-in, an 11% improvement over 2015. For the current year, the overall number of incoming passengers is 65,274, up from 58,559 in 2015).

The number of registered visits in June alone was 12,773, an increase of 10% over the same month last year. In the quarter (Apr-June) 38% of all travelers were recreational travelers, while 30% and 10% were from friends and relatives or business travelers. General cargo holidays showed strong double-digit gains from 2015, with sales up 11% forisure, 15% for VFR and 14% for business.

Papali'i Sonja Hunter, C.E.O. of the Samoa Tourism Authority, says the numbers point to increasing trust among travelers in Samoa. The main home market showed strong arrivals, with New Zealand being number one and American Samoa and the US showing the highest rates of increase (during the quarter).

American Samoa visitor continues to climb up

The Fiji Times, Thursday, January 25 - American Samoa tourism is dominated by US and other Pacific Islands and accounts for more than half of all tourists (69.5 percent), with VFR (Friends and Relatives) making up 54.9 percent of the country's overall yearly sales. American Samoa Visitor Bureau published the International Visitor Survey (IVS) Report 2017 today.

The SPTO said the information would be used by the tourism industry's governments and stakeholder groups to formulate policies and make sound commercial and operational plans. Much of the activity and attraction in the area is still on display, with cafes/restaurants (60.4 percent) and shops (46.4 percent).

South-pacific Tourism Organisation CEO Christopher Cocker sagte : It also found that aquatic sports such as snorkelling and bathing are high on visitors' wish list; sight-seeing, trekking, visiting family, going to a town, relax, bars/nightclubs are still among the top 10 places to visit. ITS is an important Office action that provides both political decision-makers and business with the right information," he said.

American Samoa IVS 2017 was carried out by ASVB in cooperation with SPTO over a nine-month time frame from December 2016 to August 2017.

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