American Samoa Time Zone

Samoa American Time Zone

Samoa has the same time but one day earlier and no daylight savings time. Pago Pago, American Samoa. American Samoai time zone with general boundaries and time zone information. Samoa is an American country on Oceania. For American Samoa, the travel is:

The New Year's Eve is just around the corner as Samoa is a big step ahead.

Friday, December 30th, has been edited this year for the small South Pacific Islands country as it has abandoned a time zone pact with the United States and brought forward its time zone by 24 hrs to capture Asia, New Zealand and Australia. By New Year's Eve, Samoa will have leapt to the western side of the Pacific Ocean border, which is zigzagging through the 180 degrees length, in a movement that Prime Minister Tuilaepa Saile, Malielegaoi, said would make it much simpler for Samoa to deal with important allies.

"No longer should we get calls from New Zealand and Australia on Monday, who think it is Monday when we close our windows and pray in the Church. Conversely, on our Fridays, when we call and our friends are already on holiday on their Saturdays," he said to Radio New Zealand on Friday.

Clocks of the churches ring and recitals announce the conversion period. "I think they' re quite quiet, they don't expect any big changes," said Samoa Observer paper-writer Savea Sano Malifa. In order to gain official assistance, the goverment stated that the employer will have to compensate the employees for the lack of Friday, although the bank will not be permitted to calculate interest on the missed workday.

States are free to decide whether the date line is to the west or eastward, and Samoa's choice means that all new cards must be changed. China uses a nationwide time zone, while Australia is a network, especially with DST, which moves the south of Adelaide from half an hours behind the states to an hours before Queensland's far northeast.

However, some tour companies fear that Samoa will loose its businesses by loosing its last place in the world to see the sun set every single night, although it will now be one of the first places to be seen every new year. Even the seventh-day Adventists of the country are split, whether they should celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday.

Tokelau, the small former New Zealand dependence, which has its headquarters in Samoa's capitol Apia, is also altering the date line, while Samoa -American remains on the other side of the date line and will be a year later. Samoa, a land of about 180,000 inhabitants, used to be the same time zone as New Zealand Australia, but went back one today in 1892, celebrated July 4 twice and joined the United States.

This is not the first big shift in Samoa in recent years. During 2009, the state moved to New Zealand and Australia on the lefthand side of the city.

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