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Works for the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority: staff appraisals

Outstanding workplace, kind employees, good managment. I' ve learned more, they're doing after sales train. I' m given the chance to find out more from my boss. Employees are kind, the surroundings are warmer, but managment has to work seriously. Usually executives, superiors and top executives prevent a situation in which a client complains about something and does not want to approach the issue and the client.

Varied surroundings and prolific managemen. Taking telephone conversations, 85% of the timeframe, good client services is a must that puts the mindset in the foreground. Employees willing to help, supervisors and employees were warm. It was a great help to me to train me on the telephone and to welcome every client.

Radio Workplace and friendly environment. I have learnt a lot from this firm, they have urged me to be good at telecommunications. Over the last eight and a half years I have learnt how to program and repair mobile phones, configure data sticks, install and uninstall software, repair computers, and I have learnt how to meet the needs of customers.

American Samoa: ASTCA wants to lend more to finance its project.

The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority (ASTCA) plans to use both Tui Samoa and Hawaiki Cable, CEO Puleleiite Tufele Li'a Jr. said he would advise the government of American Samoa to remain with Hawaiki Cable - not only is it less expensive, but its capability is large enough to provide web service on the state.

Hawaiki Cable members will arrive on the Isle of Hawaiki this weekend to subscribe to an ASG deal - and after that Puleleiite said ASTCA will tell the general opinion why they believe Hawaiki Cable is more sophisticated than the Tui Samoa Cable. Puleleiite says ASTCA is one of the authorities the US administration relies on for its funding needs, as it has had high revenues in the past.

While not explaining the ASTCA's precise present economic position, he said to the board that things had been changing since he was assigned to head the mission, and added that the agency will now only be out of the red for the months of September. "This is the only information I can give you, but if you want to know more about ASTCA surgeries - only Governor Lolo can give such information," said Puleleiite Lampule, and added that the information he provides is grounded in the period since his nomination.

Sataua Dr. Mataese Samuelu wanted the Chief Executive Officer to explain why ASG has made a suggestion to the Samoa Submarine Cable to become part of the Tui Samoa Consortium as he believed that ASTCA should remain with the services that Hawaiki Cable would offer us. As Puleleiite said, the two new underwater fibre optics cable will offer a rapid web services for the business world - for everyone.

"This is because there is not enough broadband from the American Samoa Hawaii cables in place. It' s exhausted and Samoa' s Tui Samoa is the quickest way to solve the bandwith problem," says Puleleiite. Said to the officials that ASG had made a suggestion to Samoa Submarine Cables to become part of the Tui Samoa Consortium.

"As ASTCA plans to subscribe to Samoa's new underwater fibre optical fibre line, which is due to go live in January 2018, we will also comply with an arrangement that the former ASTCA Board has just concluded with Hawaiki Cables, which is due to go into operation in mid-2018. American Samoa Hawaii has only 400 megabytes and 145 megabytes from the O3B net, with Samoa and American Samoa sharing only 1 megabyte.

Puleleiite explains: "The Tui Samoa will deliver 10GB. Puleleiite replied no to Timusa Tini Lam Yuen whether ASTCA has sufficient income to meet the costs of both wires - looking for another credit to meet the costs. "ATCA is in the midst of receiving a second grant from the American Samoa Government Employees' Retirement Fund to help us finance some of the crucial investments that need to be concluded and ASTCA's plans for undersea fibre optics infrastructure," said Puleleiite.

Although he did not uncover the amount of credit, Puleleiite explained to the board that ASTCA plans to file a credit request this month if all the required information is put together. Questioned about the state of the first debt obtained from the ASG Retirement Fund last year, Puleleiite same the debt has a $3 equilibrium. 2 large integer position on the $4. 7 large integer debt and commerce are advantage.

A question asked during the consultation concerned the overall number of ASTCA staff to be retired. The Puleleiite company acknowledged that 7 employees had been sent into retirement and there is no intent to fill these vacancies. Qataua also asked Puleleiite to explain why ASTCA is not getting any dividend from the $9 million the US administration has spent on the American Samoa Hawaii Kabel.

As he predicted dividend payments, Puleleiite said to the board that a solid response to the query should come directly from the governor. Puleleiite was reminiscent by Vailoata of the heads of government's concern about safety matters when American Samoa joins forces with the Tui Samoa wire. This is one of the main problems ASG is trying to safeguard - to ensure that all information we exchange while using the underwater fibre optics cables is safe and sheltered.

Paulleiite reassured the commission that the information transmitted between American Samoa and the United States is well protected, adding that the submarine fibre optics interconnect uses 5 different shifts for communications - shifts 3 to 5 are well protected, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted permission - of these shifts for ASG.

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