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So book a cheap flight to Pago Pago and save more money to discover the city! If you want to find a different state of a list of resources, go back to the status pages.

If you want to find a different state of a list of resources, go back to the status pages. Searchention:: Under Windows, click Control, click Character F, under Mac, click Command, click Character F, and then enter your town, postcode, or other searching criterion. Circumferents support the upbringing of children with particular needs.

Connected to LAHs and PTIs in Andalusia.

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Pala Lagoon Swimming Center was inspire by parishioners who want to cut the number of drownings. HINDQUARTERS:The Pago Pago Rotary Club is worried about the number of drowned Americans in the sea around Samoa every year. The main reason for this is that there is no place secure for anyone of any age to study swimming and just have fun on the sands.

For this reason, we have launched a marketing initiative to get a website and collect funds for a swimming pool for the town. One company, Pala Lagoon Swimming Center, Inc, was established, property was rented and design began. It will be a communal swimming pools, not a Rotaract one.

As part of the Community Development Block Grant Programme managed by the Ministry of Trade, Asia Pacific has allocated $430,000 to the scheme and asked for extra funding from companies and private persons to reach a target of $1,500,000. In American Samoa there is no open air indoor use. American Samoa is in fact the only US state or territory without a municipal sanator.

That is why most of the kids who grow up in American Samoa don't have the chance to learn, play and just have a good time in the ocean like a poo. ADVANTAGES FOR THE COMMUNITY: As mentioned above, the most fundamental advantage of the swimming pools is to teach the kids a place to go swimming.

The second most beloved sport in American Samoa, swims up and down the shoals of Utulei Beach without using the right swim technique. There is a physiotherapy centre for all age groups, especially for the elderly and handicapped.

LBJ Tropical Medical Center has a patient base that will profit from the spa as well as a patient of the Veteran's Administration Clinic. Military personnel in the area' s army reserve must have certain swim skills that can be acquired in the swim pools. Lifeguards and aquatic security trainings can be carried out in cooperation with the Red Cross.

Swim rounds and group aqua gymnastics are advantageous for all ages. SUMMARY: The pleasure the spa offers will also be reflected in the advantages. A good, secure sojourn in the pools with your schoolmates, your boyfriends and your families will make life better for the American Samoa population.

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