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PLEASE CONTACT THE MEDIA FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: American-Samoa News Media Resources New Zealand RadioA US Samoan who plays for Denver Broncos' American soccer squad has committed to finance a new healthcare center in Tufuna. PAGO (RNZ Pacific/Pacnews) รข At the opening of the Youth Summit in Pago Pago, the American Samoa government said that the United States did not fully grasp the country's policy state.

The New ZealandAmerican Samoa Radio Inspector says that a former policeman is to be deported from the US continental United States to be charged in connection with a drug-lawsuit. American Samoa P.D. New Zealand RadioThe Governor of American Samoa said at the opening of the Youth Summit in Pago Pago that the United States did not fully grasp the territorial state.

Speaking to over 300 youngsters, Lolo Moliga said..... New Zealand RadioEmpty food store racks were refilled in American Samoa with the first containership arriving in a month. 2. Samoa, Pago Pago, American Samoa Photo: .... New ZealandUS Radio Nationality for Americans was one of the topics of discussion at the Governor's Youth Empowerment Summit 2018 in Pago Pago this weeks.

New Zealand Radio According to a White House declaration, President American Samoa provided extra emergency aid by approving an increased government financing after Cyclone Gita in February this year. New Zealand RadioHistorical American Samoans native US and US citizen were equal treatment by the army, according to Seattle-based lawyer Leiataua Charles Ala'ilima.

New Zealand RadioA Washington-based attorney has argued that it is against the constitution to deny US nationality to those native to American Samoa. It was Leiataua Charles Ala'ilima who talked to Dominic Godfrey and says that when the USA purchased American Samoa in 1900, the USA.....

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