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Work remotely - work from anywhere! Dr. Jobs in American Samoa. Opportunité de partenariat à Ny pour la médecine d'urgence Docteur. The summer work programme puts young people into work.

Tailor National is now hiring a F Schneider Driving Opportunities in American Samoa.

American Samoa: Sommerarbeitsprogramm brings young people into working life

Pago Pago Pago's 15-year-old Sosene Tuileuta is part of this year's Youth Training Programme (SYEP) of the Department of Human Resources Workforce Investment Act 2013, which lets many youngsters from across the country - aged 14 to 21 - work for the school year. Tuileuta, who will be studying at Samoana High School for the second year, was placed in the Public Security Department in Fagatogo for his summers job, which ends for him on August 3: "I really like this programme.

I' ve learnt things about how to take charge of the cars they use when they make calls," says Tuileuta. "I have also learnt what kind of tool is used to maintain the devices used here." Said he wanted to thank the employees and superiors there who trained him with the craft skills and the other two pupils from Nu'uuli VocTech High School and American Samoa Community College.

"I would like to come back here next sommer and find out more about her work. This is what I think I want to do in the near term, because I want to help those who live there, especially my own families and the American Samoa people," he said.

"We learnt the team work that is so important in this job, and respect for others," he concludes. SYEP aims to impart professional knowledge and professional experiences to high school and university graduates from low-income backgrounds. Under the programme, young people work four lessons per night for 20 lessons per week and receive $5.00 per second.

Who we are - American Samoa

There are three main areas of port management: a) Seaport Department, (b) Airport Department and (c) Safety Department. Each of these departments is responsible and stable for our main activities and our service to the general population. Our aim is to guarantee safety, openness and redundance.

Activities under (a) Seaport Department are: Activities under (b) Airport Division are: Air rescue fire brigade, airport management, airport maintenance and Manu'a Division. Surgeries under (c) Security & Safety Division are: The seaport and airport police. The majority of the goods transhipped through the port of Pago Pago are containerised.

Its main load is the exports of tinned tunas from the two canning factories (the biggest industrial and commercial employer in American Samoa) and of material and empty bins delivered to the canning factories. The other transport of containerised goods is made up of goods for the general public. Pago Pago Port is able to work 24/7, with the exceptions of certain public holiday and extreme climatic conditions.

Department of Port Administration does not directly process the load, with the exemption of minimum CFS activities for intra-island transport. Every freighter that calls at Pago Pago uses self-loading boats. There are no container gantry crane in the port. Stevedoring activities consist of unloading the container from and on the vessel with marine equipment, transporting the container to a resting place within the terminals and shipping the container onto lorries.

Several of the forklift truck have pedestal manipulation devices so that the pedestals can be raised from above. Most of the lorries carrying the pedestals are owned by the stowage-houses. This is the main merchant quay in the territory and provides support for all cargo and goods transport (with the exception of the offloading of bluefin tuna from the quay facilities of the canning industry).

It adjoins the "Main Wharf", a foot-long ferroconcrete shipyard that was apparently built in the 1940s by the United States government. This shipyard can hold vessels with a draught of up to 35ft. By mooring a liner to the 400-foot dock, the shipyard will stop operating and create a temporary passenger berth near the ship's bridge.

There is Samoan band dancing and the chained gate at the Containerhof's front door is adorned with leafy palms and stems of amber. We complete all port designs and operation in our head offices before they are carried out in each area. We have the busyest operating times in our port.

This includes everything from the front door to container transport, from the dockers to the luxury liner, from arriving transport to safety checks. Many shopkeepers and customers come from 8:00 to 16:00 to unload the container and goods.

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