American Samoa Islands Map

Samoa Islands Map

Tutuila and Aunuu map with the main sources and wells American Samoa map is the only US territory south of the equator. Store this location on your Google map. american samoa islands map | Back to South Pacific Islands Surf Trip Vacation Destinations Travel . Situated in the South Pacific, Oceania, about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. A map of the places mentioned in this chapter in American Samoa.

Manu'a Islands 100% renewables

The first energy action plans for the territory were finalised in August 2013 as a result of these workhops. There are four infrastructures policies set out in the 2013 Plan: Today, the Manu'a Islands 100% Renewable Energy Initiative is nearing its conclusion, with this group of islands receiving about 90% of their power from the suntan.

In the easternmost part of the Samoan Islands, the Manu'a group is made up of three islands: Historically, these two factories consumed over 200,000 gallons/year of diesels, which meant they had to be transported from the Samoa US Samoa depot in Tutuila, almost 90 leagues west. These and other logistical issues have resulted in up to $68 per kWh in Manu'a generation, while ASPA is charging its Manu'a clients the nationwide "stamp tariff", currently $29/kWh.

Today, the Ta'u system covers 100% of the island's power requirements with 1.4 MW PV modules and 6 MWh Tesla lithium-ion-batteries. Not even a litre of kerosene oil has been sent to the islands since this plant came on stream. The plant, which is largely financed by the US Department of the Interior (OIA), consists of 347 kW PV modules and 1000 kWh AHI ("Salt Water") batteries.

At first, the designers thought it would be more effective to use an alternate form of power generation equipment such as windpower or hydro power to cover the other 20% of the workload. Asaga Strait with its powerful intertidal flows was also regarded as an important spring of kinetic power. A number of considerations later led to the decision to use extra modules and batteries to conclude the second phase of this development.

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