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So with all these reasons, why do I crave my time in Pago Pago, American Samoa? He is enthusiastic about American Samoa and runs the BusyCorner Magazine Blog. Magazine in American Samoa Now, I can say formally that I still have less than a whole year on this lovely isle. I' ve learnt so much during my stay in American Samoa. I' m very grateful for this event and would not alter it for the whole wide planet.

Yes, of course there were some serious irregularities on the road....especially with the schools, but overall I can say frankly that this is a better people!

In this sense I call a FEW wide things, which I will miss, only so that I don't let anyone down. 1 ) Live on the island: Being on a small isle is different from any of the experiences I have ever had, and there are many facets of that kind of lifestyle that I will miss. At first I will miss the "island time".

Yes, it took me some getting used to it, but the amount of space on the islands has increased. I' m going to miss the relaxed, flowing lifestyle of an islet. There is nowhere I can go or do anything on this isle without peoples knowledge. I went on a brief run last night and a group of 13 men shouted to me from their vehicles and villages: "Hi Maggie, Hi Teacher or Hi Miss Maggie.

Life in a tropic paradise: I will not be lying..... live in a constant summers, with palms, flowering Plumeria, luxuriant mountain, tropic bird and bat, and the clear sea everywhere I see definitely has its advantages. 3) The people: I' m going to miss my pupils, colleagues, islandfriends, the paddleam and the other WT-freaks.

They made my AmSam experiences memorable. I' ve seen some really astonishing folks here. So Samoa really has some of the cutest guys in the whole wide web. Me and my buddies were beached on the far eastern side of the peninsula because we lost the last one. My mates and I walked all the way to the far northern part of the isle.

When we arrived in the town of Vatia, we were all tired and thursty. We' ve found a small market where we all got some bottled swill. That Samoan accidental Samoan hostess saw us working, so they said to us to sit down at her desk and give ourselves free drinking mud.

UPDATED ZEIT! The American Samoa had very little harm! My aim is to do all the walks in AmSam National Park before I go away. I am really happy that I can end my stay here and spend as much of my spare minute at sea as possible. we' re celebrating the islandstyle, slept in a bowl on the shore.

It was definitely one of the best weekend I had here on the isle. We had a great part of the day from the minute we got to the venue. We were the only ones on the shore for the whole while. {\*It will be very hard to go back to the other parts of the globe where I have to divide the beaches with other people....}.

We' ll definitely try our best to get back here before we go off the isle. Big Samoan film! 9 ) My neighbours like to spoil us with tasty Samoan cuisine! In one of my first blog entries I said that a tattoo is very much liked here and forms a large part of Polish cultur.

Couldn't have left this place without taking a little bit of Samoa with me.

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