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Samoa-American average income

American Samoa Proof Operator Jobs - Security Officer. Min. wage increases in American Samoa and CNMI. Samoa, American, district and island, county, place. A product's PGI is the level of income inequality we expect for countries exporting a product.

Samoa lives in Oceania in the southern hemisphere.

Samoa-Min wages to rise in 2018; tuna fish export declines

The Samoa News, December 19, 2016 - Planned mandatory pay rises for American Samoa will ultimately influence the salaries of almost all canned canners in the area, according to the US Government Accountability Office to the US Congress; and also points out that there is a decline in US export of thunnas.

The 40-cent migration per hours for all American Samoa living standards came into force in September 2015, and the next migration is in 2018. Not only the goverment but also the canning industry have been arguing that pay rises do not take into account domestic economies and that factories in the region are concluding with low-wage states.

The GAO - Congress' investigating branch - says in its December 2 Congress account that the increase in the American Samoa wages will concern a rising proportion of the canned tunnel-tankers. Tin-drinkers' wages rose by 8 per cent from $4.76 to $5.16 between June 2014 and January 2016.

In addition, from 2007 to 2016 as a consequence of prior min pay rises, the mean pay among workmen in the canned tuna fishing industries dealt with by survey answers increased by 56 per cent, from $3. 30 to $5. 16 per hour, the GAO reports uncovered. The GAO also says American Samoa employers' answers to its survey regarding workers' salaries as of January 2016 indicated that the planned rise in the industries min. pay to $5. 56 in September 2018 would influence 91 per cent of the canned food processing industries per hours of labor currently earning that amount or less.

The GAO observes in a note in the GAO document that a planned raise in the basic salary would not directly influence the salaries of all employees who already earn the amount of the new basic salary. and the GAO also told Congress that prospective minimal pay rises would influence the salaries of 93 per cent of the present tinned food processing industries by the hour when the industry's minimal pay will reach $5. 96 in September 2021 and 98 per cent of the present tinned food processing industries would influence by the hour when it will reach $7. 25 in 2033.

"Until 2033, the incremental yearly costs of minimal pay rises after January 2016 would be approximately $4,027 per worker," the GAO said, stating that the GAO has determined the incremental costs by computing the gap between the January 2016 per employee costs and the per hour costs until 2033, on the basis of the planned minimal pay rises and mean for all of them.

TAUNA FOREIGNING According to the GAO, the volume of tunas exported to the United States from all sectors, in particular American Samoa, has declined in recent years. The GAO quoted a tunnel fish specialist who has been questioned saying that the general fall in tunnel fish imports to the United States is a reflection of a change in consumers' preference.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) publishes figures showing that per head tinned albacore per hectare in the US decreased by 25 per cent between 2004 and 2014, according to a FOOTNOT. The Congress was also notified that from 2008 to 2015 the face value of tinned tunas from American Samoa to the United States decreased by 37 per cent.

The GAO says that in 2015, more than 99 per cent of American Samoa's $367 million in raw material deliveries to the United States. The GAO also says that, according to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), changes in the American Samoa tuna fishing industries were important factors for changes in GDP.

The BEA attributed the fall in GNP to a fall in activities in the tinned-tunafish sector, for example when tinned-tunnis' imports declined in 2010. According to the BEA, however, the rise in activities in the tunnel fishing sector in 2014, which included the building of a multi-million dollars tunnel fish processor, helped to boost consumer investments and goods imports due to the rise in tinned fish imports.

The multi-million US Dollars processor quoted by BEA is Tri Marine International's Samoa Tuna Processors Inc. The can factory, which was formally opened in January 2015; since last Friday, Friday, the can factory was shut down "indefinitely", dismissing some 700 employees but retaining 100 employees for the company's logistics centre.

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