American Samoa Anthem

Samoa-American Anthem

Let us show our respect and stand up for the national anthem. Get to know the American-Samoan culture, including information about the country's population, language and economy. Theme: "Samoa, Let God Be First" "S?moa, Muamua Le Atua" (Samoan). Text for'Amerika Samoa (The American Samoa National Anthem)' by The One World Ensemble.

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The National Anthem Orchestra - West Samoa Native Anthem Text Lyrics

Samoa, tula'i ma sigi ia lu'a, your wife Leah; Samoa, tula'i ma sigi ia lu fu'a, your wife Paleleah; Vaai i na fetal o looo ua actagia ai; Le foaloga Leah oa oesu na Malay aiu ai mo Samoa Oi! Samoa e, uu mu lu pula iafaavavaau. Oh lotsa Sa'o lotsoga, Fu'a loud thud.

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Samoa American Anthem

Samoan (Samoan: America Samoa or Samoa Amelika) is an unorganised, non-incorporated area of the United States in the South Pacific south-east of the state of Samoa. Tutuila is the most important (largest and most populous) with the Manu'a Islands, the Rosenatoll and Swains Islets.

Samoa is part of the Samoan archipelago, which lies just off the Cook Isles, just off the coast of Tonga and about 500 km off the coast of Tokelau. The Wallis and Futuna Group is situated to the western side.

Samoic-American National Anthem: America Samoa

America Samoa is the national anthem of American Samoa. The texts of the American Samoan national anthem are by Mariota Tiumalu Tuiasosopo and the anthem by Napoleon Andrew Tuiteleapaga. American Samoan national anthem was adopted in 1950. American Samoan national anthem is a thing of pride for all American Samoans and is performed everywhere, from government offices to schools and colleges on special events such as American Samoa Flag Day on April 7, Memorial Day (last Monday in May), American Independence Day on July 4, Veterans' Day on November 11, etc.

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Remark: The anthem of each nation must be observed and the correct respect and decency must be observed. Everyone must be standing when the Swiss anthem is performed or chanted.

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