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There are no legal guidelines for name change proceedings in the High Court of American Samoa. The American Samoa is a teaching facility for the Mililani Hawaii Campus of Wayland Baptist University. There is currently no travel advice provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for American Samoa. An American Samoa flag, which may appear as AS on some platforms. In order to qualify for the first Professional Teacher Certification (PTC I) in American Samoa, all candidates must:

Samoa American - LDS Statistics and Church Facts

Four men were sent to the Pacific Isles as misionaries in May 1843, 13 years after the founding of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the United States. The elder Joseph H. Dean and his spouse, Florence Ridges Dean, came to Samoa in 1888. Until 1891 the Samoa Missions, located near Apia, continued to develop.

Its first subsidiary (a small municipality) was established in Pago Pago on 27 May 1893, and 11 subsidiaries were established on the isle before the turn of the 20th c... In Mapusaga on 26 November 1906 a women's relief organisation with 14 members was established. On 24 May 1908 a voluntary organisation for young people was established.

On May 10, 1903 a church town with a college and a supportive orchard was established in Mapusaga. The scout organisation was established in Mapusaga in 1938. An associate (diocese) was established in Pago Pago in 1969. Faleomavaega, former Lt. District Administrator of American Samoa, became the first Samoan member of the Church to become a non-voting member of the 101st Assembly.

The number of members was 7,500 in 1990 and rose to around 12,000 in 1994. Today, more than one in four Americans is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint.

American Samoa National Marine Sanctuary

Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary ist jetzt das National Marine sanctuary of American Samoa. For more information on the progress of the assessment of the management plans that led to the inclusion of five new areas in the reserve, updated protected area provisions and the new name of the reserve, please refer to our pages reviewing the managed plans.

Situated in the birthplace of Polynesia's oldest civilization, the National Maritime sanctuary of American Samoa is designed to serve the greatest range of sea creatures in the National Maritime SANPUCHARY system, which includes a multitude of corals and other invtebrates, fish, tortoises, sea cetaceans, and seahood. This protected area includes some of the world's oldest and biggest porite corals, along with deepwater corals, deepwater chimney flora and scarce maritime archeological reserves, as well as key fisheries, the most southern point of the United States and seas that surround one of the world's smallest antolls.

It is also the only real tropic coral in the National Marine Sanctuary System and is the most isolated place within this system.

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