American Queen Riverboat

Queen Riverboat of America

American Queen Steamboat Company offers steamboat trips on the major rivers of the United States. She is the third "Queen" of the former Delta Queen Steamboat Company and probably the largest steamship ever built. American Queen Steamboat Company will dock at Ohio River Levee on the following days: The American Queen is considered the world's largest steamship ever built. New Albany, Indiana.

River Cruises Mississippi | American River Cruises

The Mississippi River's historical authenticy aboard the famous American Queen or the new American Duchess and explore America from the undescribable view of the Mississippi from 5 to 23 days. Featuring the most comprehensive North America cruising experiences with pre-cruise accommodation, evening meal cruises with local wines and beers, land tours in each harbour and tempting, locally based cuisines.

Mississippi Lower Country offers you centuries-old shady oaks, pre-war plantation elegance and civil war monuments - it's like a leap into the past. Featuring the inspiring high Mississippi area behind Mark Twain's famous literature favourites, it introduces you to American capitals, pulsating urban areas and native game.

Board a legendary steamship and discover a piece of American aviation heritage on our Mississippi cruise. Our trips provide a spectacular view of the riverbank and are the ideal excursion for those who love the outdoors and historical sites. Savour our well-equipped paddle wheels and steamships, which provide nice cabins and suite, restaurant and large deck views of the canal.

The Mississippi Riverside is the ideal excursion for those who love the outdoors and for those who love it. Accompany us on an incomparable trip through genuine America; it is a one-of-a-kind adventure you have never experienced before!

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