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Ex-Cincinnati Bengal's defensive end Jonathan Fanene will become the youngest cabinet director of the territorial government of American Samoa. Latest News - ASMA The Ioane Paulo II Malaeloa Field was an exiting Thanksgiving week-end full of supporters, family, and fellows to experience thrilling show biz between American Samoa and Samoa. Samoa came on Wednesday with two crews headed by Koreti Tuala, national coach Henry Scanlan and assistant Bill Cable.

Once a proud America Samoa baseball side took third place in the 2007 South Pacific Games after losing to New Caledonia........

Américação Samoa Infrastructures Project

Three of the orders are:: The Ofu Airportapron Upgrade - Construction of a new cement car park and turning radius at the Ofu International Airports; Faga'itua Shoreline Protection - Construction of a new 450 feet long stone armouring and dewatering in Faga'itua Village on the Tuituila Isle.

We have been continuously delivering the right technical solution for our customers in the government and industry for almost 50 years.

Cyclone Rene meets Samoa in the tropics

Samoa, PAGO PAGO - A Pacific gale blast that raged over thinly inhabited American Samoa and targeted the US territories capitol area on Saturday, still recuperating from a fatal fall sunbath. Cyclone Rene struck the east Manu'a Island of the country on Friday before gaining speed, with the wind speed increasing to 138 km/h and 166 km/h in the early hours of the night.

Some Manu'a dwellers accessed by telephone through the associated press said the winds person been extremely high, but they have not heared of any reports of injury or main harm. "They are beaten from behind," says Mase Akapo Jr. of the National Weather Service in Pago Pago.

Carol Baqui in Pago Pago said that Rene twirled around the Manu'a for a while before "finally settling in the north". Officers also said there was a fatality induced by Rene -- a 50-year-old man dead Friday morning after dropping from a two-story edifice while casing it up to the shelter it from the wind.

" Commenting on the September tidal wave that struck more than 200 Samoan and Tonga Islanders, Gulafono said: "As we are recovering from the September 29, it is a good sense that we have given high precedence to helping others to help themselves by creating and disseminating the messages of contingency consciousness.

" It can also endanger Samoa, Tokelau Islands, Tonga and Fiji. Prognostic Diani Donu, at the Nadi Tropical in Fiji, said Rene will come by about 145 kilometers south-east of Apia, the near Samoa capitol, and will bring powerful storms and rough sea. Centres said before that the Tonga-Fiji cycle could happen to avoid a straight shot.

New Zealand's Red Cross supported the preparation for Tonga, Nuie and the Cook Islands. On Friday, the people of Tutuila nailed up their window and candlelight. The majority of large companies shut down on Friday, as did all government and non-governmental colleges. For the ships sailing to Pago Pago, the U.S. Coast Guard advised to divert the route.

Hurricane Heta, the last large clone that broke through the area, struck Samoa and American Samoa in January 2004 and damaged more than 4,600 houses in American Samoa, the American Red Cross said back then. She also ravaged up to 90 percent of the harvests on Samoa.

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