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Département de la sécurité intérieure des Samoa américaines. The governor of American Samoa, Lolo Matalasi Moliga, has appointed Peteru (Peter) M. Fuimaono as the insurance representative for American Samoa - a wonderful example of a culture and a people that over the years has developed into a diverse structure: the traditional and the modern. The American Samoa WIC Reinstated Compliance buys for WIC businesses that were previously suspended. American Samoa Legal Aid Mission:

We will try to give the interested observers a better understand of American Samoa in this paper.

We will try to give the interested observers a better understand of American Samoa in this paper. Samoa is a very small area of the United States located in the centre of the Pacific Ocean about 2,500 nautical leagues southward of Hawaii. Distance to the closest neighbouring isles is Fiji, 770 mile; Tahiti, 1423 mile; New Zealand, 1795 mile and Tonga, only 558 mile.

Samoa is about 7026 leagues from Washington, DC. From a geographical point of view, American Samoa is the southern part of the Samoa Archive, with the southern part of the Samoa Archive ipel being the state of Samoa (formerly West Samoa). Tutuila is the principal American Samoa isle. Group of three isles; Ta'u, Ofu and Olosega, together known as Manu'a, are about 65 nautical mile to the west of Tutuila.

Aunu' u is a small village about a quater of miles from the south-east tip of Tutuila.

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I' ve just got a vacancy request that requires me to move to American Samoa for two years. I' ve never been to a place in the South Pacific. How's Samoa? I' m going there alone. I' m currently living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Samoa is American, it' s warm and wet.

They should be ready for a life style shift.... although it is an American territory. You may find it very instructive to take off one of your hats, exit the Pacific Northwest and trade it for another when you do. So, what kind of work did you get in Samoa?

I' m originally from Samoa, but I haven't been back for 25 years. I just wanted to know what kind of job there is in Samoa. I' m considering to move to Samoa to take part in a nice country and the marvellous people of culture there. I' m looking forward to learn more about Samoa and gratefully welcome any sharing of it.

We' ve just got back from a two-week holiday in Samoa. Samoa is a great mixture of Polynesia and America. We had lunch (Don't Drink the Waters - a Reference to Samoa not Amer Samoa !) sahen wir US Coast Guide Leute und viele Ex-Pats.

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