As a vibrant and welcoming church in the heart of the Surrey Hills, part of the diocese of Guildford and the United Benefice of Shere, Albury and Chilworth. Receive the Albury weather forecast. Reserve a Best Western Hotel in Albury. The Mercure Albury is the perfect place to enjoy a wonderful weekend, to organise a company meeting or to host your special event. Actual local time in Australia - New South Wales - Albury.

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Raised in Western Australia, all I knew about Albury before my trip was that it was a stop-over on the journey between Sydney and Melbourne. Surveys of my colleagues in Sydney and Melbourne showed a similargnorance. "I' ve always found Albury to be the place to stop for a bathroom break," a colleague of mine called.

One Friday afternoons, I took the expectant cafe from Melbourne to the local town on the NSW side of the Murray rivier. Flight times are in the $250-$400 round trip from Sydney or Melbourne, or you can travel from there in just over three inches.

It' s not as good a day to enjoy a chilly but bright day as to cycle through the city, stroll along the Murray or hike up Monument Hill. Had I had more free kayaking I would have found a boat and I would have stayed some hours on the riverbank. There are a few applications that will do you good if hiking is your thing; try the Albury Historical Wandering Tours or Albury Wodonga Appy Townhall Apts.

Also the anesthetic discipline area is basketball player, with the Murray Fine Framed-Albury ( "MaMa"), formerly the Albury Rural Fine Framed Artworks Galery, shift finished a $10. 5m new process tilted for end in September. As the Bendigo Fine-Artworks in Victoria has contributed to putting this region town on the roadmap by drawing attention to the world' s major shows (now one of Australia' s most beloved galleries), it is expected that the transformation of the MaMa Albury will become a goal, not just a stop.

However, if you visit the galery before the renovation is completed, there are other things to enjoy, such as the Central Desert Arts Galery - the only native Iboriginal galery between Sydney and Melbourne. There' s also a new 5km long Yindyamarra statue hike along the Murray riverbank with statues of some of the most gifted Aborigines in the region.

When good cuisine and good wines are on the grid, new cafés and wineries specialising in local products are being built throughout the area. Albury is a place with a thriving gastronomic community and is well deserved for its enjoyment alone. The Atura Albury is situated on Dean Street right in the city center, just a few minutes walk from the Botanical Garden and the MaMa.

This $139 a Night property has received a great deal of interest recently, with offices in the Sydney suburbs of Blacktown in the west and in the southeast of Dandenong in Victoria. On the evening of my arrival there will be a coctail event for performers who will exhibit at the Albury Wodonga Open Artcuit.

Portions are large and the meals are much better than I am used to from restaurants in luxury restaurante. The breakfast is free at the motel, but there are a variety of cafés in the area, and I would suggest visiting one of them, like the Early Bird Caf? on Dean Street.

It' s always crowded when I come by and obviously loved by local people and visitors alike. Grabbing a bicycle (they can be rented for $30 for a full working days from the bicycle stop next to Albury station), I ride along the Murray Riviera, which is breathtaking on a cold winters early spring when old tree mirrors on the sea floor and fall foliage covers the floor.

Murray is home to tens of threatened birds and mammals, and there are many hiking paths. When I leave my bicycle in the motel, it feels a bit bad - Albury is partly undulating and the hotelbikes were designed for shallower terrain.

It is then off to take a five-minute stroll to the Botanical Garden, which was laid out more than 130 years ago. The recently opened Riverside Deck Café, set in Noreuil Park on the Murray Riviera, is set amidst lofty elms and sycamores. Today we offer lunchtime dishes such as filleted filet of eyes with wild boar, tomatoes, béarnaise or a selection of béarnaise or redwineauce, slowly boiled pig bellies with spätzle and risotto grilled with herb and cloves of cloves, spinaceous, pesto cream and scam.

In spite of its quiet setting and upscale menus, the River Deck is exceptionally child-friendly and there is also a large outdoor area. I' m so happy that the next morning, when I am visiting the Central Desert Galerie (611 Dean Street), the owner-curator Sam Juparulla Wickman and the director Aaron Perkins-Kemp-Berger are ready to give me a personal guided walk.

The small upper floor galleries are bathed in daylight, which brings the works to live. Juparulla Wickman told me that they were "standing room only" because the local people supported them and bought 11 of the works on show. "Many of these works are traditionally expressed, but with a modern turn, and many of them are representative of Busch Tuck and Essen collection practices," he says.

The Ochre Exposition, a series of works reminiscent of the colors of the local artists of the 1990s and a festival of the land and colors, opens on August 15. Border Wineroom serves quality meals with matching toast. On the first Saturday of the following months, the Border Wine-Room will offer an eight-course tasting of the new meal, asking guests to evaluate each meal and give the cook a personal comment ($85, or $115 with matching wines).

Following our breakfasts, we take the Yorkamarra Pathway, a 5km long stroll along the Wagirra trails between Kremur Street and the Wonga Wetlands, and 11 statues along a path designed by native aborigine artisans. In this sense we take our leisure to stroll along the path and admire the arts that tell of the Aborigines' story and their importance for the Murray Rivers.

Uncle Tony, an independent sculptor himself, showed the pupils on site how to grind and engrave the statues that can now be seen on the stroll. There are also works by well-known Chinese artisans, among them a serie by Carmel Taylor with portrait messages of indigenous creatures elaborately sculpted in chewing ruby.

Seems appropriate that a week-end with dinner and a glass of good wines ends with another hearty dinner. Before I take a last stroll along Dean Street until I get to the border of the Botanical Garden, I select the poultry breasts with avocadosalsa and yam chips coupled with a sauce of white vignon.

Overlooking the Albury Wodonga area.

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