Alalakeiki Channel

The Alalakeiki Canal

Receive the current weather in the Alalakeiki Canal, together with daily, weekly and seasonal forecasts. Maps of the area around the Alalakeiki Canal, Hawaii. Sunbeams over the Alalakeiki Canal (United States) Topographic map of the Alalakeiki Canal United States. Height, width and length of the Alalakeiki Canal United States on the world map. Picture about the island Kaho`olawe and the Alalakeiki channel off the coast of the island Maui.

Maui County HI (Makena area), Alalakeiki Canal Topo map

The Alalakeiki Canal is in the channels for Maui County in the state of Hawaii. The Alalakeiki Channel is shown on the Makena USGS ATTR. Anybody who wants to visit the Alalakeiki Canal can use the above links to get a free topographical and road maps. Alalakeiki channel is 20.5807848, -156.434176 and the estimated height is not known.

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Oceans Canals, HAWAI

This is an outline of every sea channel in Hawaii, from south-east to north-west. Situated between the great island of Hawaii and Maui, the channel of Maui. It has a max deepness of 6,810 ft (2,076 m) and a span of 29.6 mile ("47.6 km"). For Hawaiians, the word elenuihaha means "making big waves". Alalakeiki Canal is located between Kahoolawe and Maui, a 10.8 km long canal.

It has a max 211m (822 feet) deep. A alalakeiki means "crying child" in Hispanic. Kealaikahiki Canal, 27 km in width, divides the Lanai and Kahoolawe isles. Max. channel shall be 1,086 ft (331 m) deep. Ancient Hawaii travelled to strange countries through this channel. With a width of 15.3 km, the Auau Canal is the flattest and most sheltered island in Hawaii.

It is located between Maui in theheast and Lanai in the western part. Kahoolawe in the southern and Molokai in the northern part also protect it. It is only 252 ft (77 m) deep. Many whalewatching vessels visit this channel during the winters to observe the canals.

Au'au means "bathing" in the Hawaiian parlance and refers to the canals' bath-like states. Lahaina Street is the centre of the Auau Canal. Pailolo Canal is located between Maui and Molokai. It has a max 258 meters (846 feet) underwater. The name Pailolo in Hispanic means "crazy fisherman" and refers to any fisher who would be mad enough to steer this hard channel.

Kalohi Canal, 9.2 miles (14.8 km) long, divides Lanai and Molokai. It has a max deep of 540 ft (165 m). This canal is subject to heavy wind and chopy sea. Although this canal has a rather tumultuous story, its name means "slowness" in the hawaiian-speaking world. Kaiwi Canal, also known as Molokai Canal, is located between Molokai and Oahu.

It has a max deepness of 2,202 ft (671 m) and a span of 25.8 mile (.5 miles) of 41.5 km. It' has a fame as one of the hardest oceans in the whole wide open space due to the mostly heavy wind, current and waves. In this canal the Molokai Hoe Boom Canoeing Contest is held annually.

Literally, the word for" Kaiwi" in the hawaiian word is "the bone". An immersed shildvolcano named Penguin Bench is located just south of Molokai and within the channel of Kaiv. It has a width of about 16 km, a length of 32 km and a shallow waters ide of about 60 meters.

Kaieiewaho Canal, also known as Kauai Canal, divides Oahu and Kauai. It' 72.1 mile ('116 km') in width and, with a max 21,000 ft (10,890 ft) vertical reach, is the lowest of the canals between Hawaii's major islands. Kaulakahi Canal is located between Niihau and Kauai. It' 17.2 mile ('27.7 km') in width and 1,088 meters (3,570 feet) underwater.

It is the name of the species. In this way the term is used to mean "the lone flames (or colored stripes)".

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