Airport Code for American Samoa

American Samoa Airport Code

About Pago Pago Airport. The American Samoa IATA Airport Codes and ICAO Codes are listed below. International Airport, Pago Pago, American Samoa, PPG, NSTU. Pago Pago International Airport, located in Pago Pago, American Samoa, has an airport code of PPG. United States Airport Code:

Superintendent Chief Customs Officer defending American Samoa airfield protocols

Vaetagaloa Glen Lefiti, Chief Customs Officer, defends the customs office's policy of verifying transit papers at the airfield in reply to Governor Lolo's letters regarding the verification of transit papers of Hawaiian Airlines travelers into the area, which the Governor described as "pure mess that promises nothing good for his administration".

He said that custom authorities around the globe have a particular connection with the frontier for grounds given by the United States Supreme Court to safeguard revenue, lower the expectation of frontier Privacy, the right to own goods that have been exported until the taxes (excise duty) are settled and national self-protection (smuggling, arms and illicit drug bans).

Enforcing the law of Samoa, securing and recovering revenues and promoting legitimate global commerce and travel," he commented. In addition, the Chief Customs Officer explained that Hawaiian Airlines' operation is also causing a delay in the handling of arrivals, and they will resolve these problems with the airline's new executive.

"The shortage of floor spaces and the present equipment do not help our business (i.e. it was conceived more than 30 years ago, things have changed)," said Leon. He has cleared up some "misunderstandings" about the frontier trial in his note.

He cited ASCA 27. 1005 (a) again and found that the traveller's identity card serves as a means of ensuring that it is the name and number of the traveller on the paper. Mr Lefitti pointed out that the Act states that the immigrant will stamp the traveller's custom statement in the arrivals procedure after he has checked the traveller's credentials and will do so to inform custom that the traveller has been maltreated.

However, migration does not verify the information on the customs declarations forms. Commenting on his arrival in Hawaii, Mr Lefitti said that the traveller would present the passport and US customs clearance to customs officials, not to migration officials, "just as he did on arrival in American Samoa". "United States Customs and Frontiers Protection Agency has taken over the migration and isolation function at its borders," said Mr Leviti.

Noting that the former authorities demanded 100% baggage control, which made no sense for Customs, he asked for a chance choice of baggage to be searched, as it had established a check-in point in the area of customs control. "Proactive critique is always welcome, but our aim is to make the customs procedure streamlined, as well as to make it operational and clear.

No one is above the law," said Mr Leon.

There must also be a more ordered and equitable way to go through migration and custom control points to prevent a situation where there is a case for some because of aggression, rudeness and disrespect," the government may have.

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