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Departure 12/08/2018, Departure 04/09/2018, Departure 22/08/2018, *Dates and Timetables all on AEST. Round-trip rates may differ depending on your tax and fees or exchange rate fluctuation. National rates are one-way unless otherwise specified. If not otherwise specified, the prices for shorter journeys are calculated on the basis of a simple Go-Plus rate.

Long distance rates are round-trip, unless otherwise specified. Rates are always quoted on the basis of online reservations. Prices may differ up to the time the ticket is issued. To book on the telephone or at the airfield, you will need to pay $40 for national and multinational short-haul flights and $70 for long distance flights. Any online, telephone or debit/credit cards used at the airports are charged between 0.6% and 1.3% of the ticket transaction's maximum value (up to a maximum of $11 per person per flight in Switzerland and $70 per person per reservation abroad).

Free luggage space is in the price. You may be restricted in obtaining a reimbursement under the terms of the fares for your trip, but in certain cases you may be eligible for a reimbursement under Australia's Consumer Code. For more information, please visit our Tariff Types page.

Discount airfares to Nadi, Fiji. for 2018, 2019. Returns from $462

The Chinese are expected to have made great efforts to establish air connections from their large towns to Nadi International Airport. Mr Viljoen said that the issue is not that of a non-stop service from Beijing. "The trouble is, if you can get any bigger town in..... By the' jieli' Twitter:

Fiji Airways (IATA code: FJ) will resume services between Nadi and Tokyo today by user'Shankar Dev Koppala'. It will be the only non-stop flight between Japan and Fiji and will return after Fiji Airways' previous flight, Air Pacific, discontinued operations nine years ago in March..... By the' Multitasker@fidji' Twitter:

Nazhat Shameem Khan' starts from all over Australia, although the lowest fares will start in Sydney in February 2019. At the other side is the town Nadi, to which you will be flying, not..... Fiji Airways' non-stop service to Japan started today at Nadi International Airport.

A declaration by the Fiji Airlines was made at the opening of the new air service at the Fiji International Airports.....

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