African Cruise line

The African cruise line

Research this guide to African cruises, including itineraries, cruise lines visiting Africa, ports on the continent and what you can see and do during your visit. Deluxe cruises with the wonders of Kenya's wildlife, the treasured monuments of Egypt and the picturesque coasts of South Africa. All Inclusive Africa Cruises varied, magnificent and mysterious. MSC Cruise lines take you to the best South African destinations for your holidays. The landscape can reach from the desert to the vineyard in a short time, and the offers for African cruises are just as varied.

Best 5 Africa Trips 2018 (with prices)

Situated in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and the Mediterranean, Africa has a ring of first-class harbours that help cruise ships explore this thrilling continents. Explore Africa's Atlantic Gold Coast, which includes Ghana and Senegal, and stop on the Cape Verdeas. Namibia's plain and plateau is located in south-west Africa between the Kalahari Desert, often cruised to the large South African harbours of Cape Town and Durban.

You can snorkel in the eastern part off the Madagascar shore or sailing to the beautiful Seychelles.

Africa 2018 and 2019 Africa Crusades

This is the ideal place for a rough game drive or a cultural exploration from the Middle East to Madagascar. A zipline through the porches of a rain forest in South Africa. Get to know the story and the changes of the Angolan population and the cultural life or make a rural cultural event in Senegal.

So whether you are spending your free day diving into local culture or sitting back on a sandy shore on the Kenya coastline, Africa will astonish and astonish you! With its astonishing scenery, Africa is still a largely unspoiled country where you can journey from the deserts to the hills and the plain of the Serengeti.

Discover the wealth of African culture tradition associated with the country and its people. Below are some of our most recommendable cruises to Africa: Enjoy a safari on an African safari. Wildlife preserves across the entire continents give you the opportunity to get to know lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, zebra and much more.

Discover the great Egytian civilisation by exploring the Giza Pyramid and following Cleopatra's tracks on a cruise along the Nile. The African story may not be as well known as that of Europe or Asia, but if you come to see us, you will be able to experience several important periods in Africa's past, such as the palaces in Ghana or Robben Island in South Africa.

Browse or sunbathe on the African coastline. Breathtaking shores along the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and the Atlantic Ocean can be found all over the world. For the daredevils, try scuba in South Africa with sharks. Africa Map: Do you want to go on a great game drive or try the great Stellenbosch wines?

Cruising to Africa is one you can safely take home about. Explore this part of the world on one of the luxurious and prestigious cruise routes that cruise there. Africa's great African mainland is a place of cultural excitement and adventure. It is a part of a Europe that is regarded as the first place where people were born.

It is a big part of the country, it will take a while, but you can cruise many parts of the country from Cairo in the northwest to Cape Town at the foot of the isle. Sailing from Accra, Ghana on the west coastline or experiencing the islands of Madagascar and Mauritius on a cruise from Port Louis, off the African coastline.

Naturally, many longer cruise trips that end in Africa start in harbours like Southampton in Europe or Singapore in Asia. Explore our Africa Cruise Photogallery and imagine the opportunities for your own African coastal and Cape of Good Hope safaris. In order to schedule your cruise of your dreams in Africa, please get in touch with one of our specialist advisors today.

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