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Sneaky Cove Beach Resort and Hotel. atu Kini Backpackers and Dive Resort, Mana Islands The Ratu Kini Resort on Magical Mana is situated about 30 kilometres from Nadi. It' encircled by golden sand and palms and clear water, making it perfect for bathing, scuba-dipping, snorkelling or just to relax. A fully-stocked shop with great sites and a full PADI course offer from beginners to professionals.

4 nights accommodation, 3 paying, Open Water courses and Fun Dive Specials".

The Maqai Beach Eco Surf Resort

When you are on the run for an affordable windsurfing holiday in paradise, a cheap windsurfing holiday in Fiji could be the last thing on your minds. Fiji is associated with luxuries, waterfront chalets and huge dolls. As a matter of fact, although Fiji has a great deal of luxuries, there are also many cheap places in the South Pacific.

We present a fantastic windsurfing holiday in Fiji, which will not blow up the bank: The Maqai Eco Surfer Reserve. The Maqai Eco Surfer is a privately owned insular retreat embedded in five hectares of rain forest on Qamea in the north of Fiji. That little piece of paradise is encircled by blue waters, whitish sand and oh yes, some really astonishing waves.

Right in front of Maqai Beach (pronounced "Mungai") there are a few stops that you can reach by boot within 5 - 15 mins. There are no cottages above the sea, but there are cottages right by the sea. Yes, they may be a little simple, but you are on a minute, semi-abandoned South Pacific desert away from a fantastic break.

When you' re full of fomentation, who needs a little extra? Of course Fiji is a top surfing location with a good proportion of top surfing break. Loved by windsurfers for its kegs, Fiji is home to two of the best leftists on the globe: In Fiji, most stops are only reachable by ferry, so make sure you include the cost of the ferry in your budgets, or consider a stay at a location with itineraries.

The surfing saison is all year round in Fiji, but there are two different surfingsaisons. There is the Fiji summers, from November to April, which is (mostly) the low saison, and the AKA high saison from May to October. Some of the most popular pauses can be quite full during the high tourist period (March-November), but at certain periods of the year you can also take some pauses that are not overcrowded.

Many of the most popular pauses in Fiji are in the southern part, which accommodate dunes other than in the north of Fiji, where Maqai is in. Maqai's best surfing seasons are from October to May, when the off-shore wind is most even. It works very well, as the main tourist seasons for the remainder of Fiji are basically the opposite.

In Maqai the summersason is when the right (Maqai and Purple Wall) really fire, which is great for you right-wing enthusiasts, as Fiji is predominantly left. Maqai is a surfers' haven with hot waters, no masses of people and various opportunities for windsurfing.

The Maqai Resort has a detailled overview of the near pauses you can see. These surfsesh-files from a current Ripcurl GPS clock, which measure the windsurfing times, the swell velocity and the length. Stage One - 3 meetings, 5 hrs and 10 min in the sea, 73 shafts, 28.8 km in all, maximum velocity 34 km.

Session Two - 2 meetings, 2:45 in the sea, 54 ripples, maximum velocity 37 km. The sea view - comfortably situated in 10 paces to the sea. There is no reason to stop and pause surfing. 5-minute cruise takes you to an unobstructed array of epoxy wave choices, among them "Kava's" (a quick link, perfect for carving), "Bula Bowls" (a funny link with a barrel-shaped tail) and "Maqai", a 250m world-class right-hand bend.

Maqai uses sunlight to produce electricity, drinking mountain springs and local produce. Inform the Maqai Resort of your preparations and they will meet you at the beach or at the shuttle.

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