Aegina Island

The Aegina Island

One of the Argo-Saronic Gulf Islands, Aegina is located southwest of Piraeus, the main port of Athens. So, you want to go to a real Greek island? Indulge in luxury and relaxation while exploring the magic of Greece and the Greek islands. The site refers to the island of Aegina. Aegina Town is the main town of the same name.

Activities in Aegina

Aegina, a beautiful and enchanting island in the Saron Islands, just an hours drive from Athens, offers the best activities. When you are in Athens, the journey to Aegina is one of the simplest excursion possibilities on the island. It' a possibility to see a Grecian island or to go swimming on a Grecian island-sand.

The name of the island is derived from the name of the most gorgeous of the twenty girls of the fluvial gods Asopos according to ancient Greece. There' s a lot to do for a small island. And if you are spending a whole or even a week-end here, you can take a trip to Aegina.

The ferry and boat moor directly in Aegina City. This is Aegina Town's little port. Aegina' s activities include the Markellos Tower in Aegina City. A further highlight on Aegina is the tour of the Kolona archeological site.

In antiquity, a magnificent Doric sanctuary was erected here, devoted to the Apollo. One of the monumental columns that was part of the sanctuary was preserved and was an important point of departure for Venetians who called the area Colonna. Aegina Archaeological Museum can be viewed here. Aphaia is another sightseeing site in Aegina.

The old pre-Parthenon sanctuary in Athens. Sounion's Poseidon temples on the Athenian Riviera and the Parthenon in Athens - the Aphaia is the third connection to a hypothetic equilateral delta. Valuable artefacts from the archaeological site can be seen in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Aphaia Archaeological Museum is situated next to the old one. Paleahora, that means old town, was once the island's city. The Orthodox Pilgrimage visits this sacred place to honour the first contemporary Greek Hospitall. A further highlight on the island of Aegina is the trip to Perdika.

Cruise or take a brief cruise from Kalamaki to the small picturesque Perdika Fishermen's Harbour. The sunset in Perdika, Aegina Island. There is an inhabited small island near Perdika named Moni (except for a few Peafowl and Kri Kri goats). A 10-minute aquatic taxicab can be taken from Perdika to the small uninhabitated village with its beautiful little beaches and blue waters.

There are also a few yachts starting from Aegina Town (20 minutes drive). Inquire of any native or Aegina enthusiast and they will say that Sarpa is one of the most gorgeous, if not the most gorgeous, beaches on the island. On the south-western coastline of Aegina, near Perdika, it lies with dense sandy and pebble.

That island is the country of pistachios. At Aegina Town, behind the highway and near the Fishmarket, you will come across a series of seafood tavernas. Christos Kapralos Museum was once the studio of the renowned Hellenic artist and today houses works by him. It is situated in the Plakakia area of Aegina, near the home of the renowned Hellenic writer Nikos Kazantzakis.

Aegina Folklore Centre is situated in the centre of Aegina. The Archaeological Musuem of Aegina was opened at the beginning of the nineteenth cent. and was the first in the Greek state. It is right next to Kolona and has artefacts from the temple of Aphaia, a sculpture from the temple of Apollo and recent ceramics.

Vayama offers the best flight offers for travellers from all over the world who arrive at Athens Airport. You can take the subway or a taxi from Athens to the Piraeus docks. There are frequent (almost hourly) ferry services from Piraeus to Aegina. From Athens you can also take a one-day trip to Aegina together with two other Savona islands.

Excursion to Aegina, Poros and Hydra. A further good choice is the cruise to Aegina, Poros and Hydra Cruise with lunch. My recommendation is the Rastoni in Aegina Town. It is not necessary to hire or take a vehicle on Aegina. Or you can hire a roller for a whole days when you get to Aegina Town.

From Athens there are several island excursions that you can take. It' the best thing I can do on Aegina Island.

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