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Caribbean cruise for adults

All adult options on a carnival cruise. But I' d rather prefer an adult atmosphere. Cruises for adults open a new door to explore the world. Themes in pulmonary medicine, sports medicine, adult and paediatric urology. onboard the Adults Only Solarium.

Cruises without children: Adult-focused 7 options

Ah, cruise ship living. Whether you like it or not, the major cruise routes are family-friendly. It is less attractive to pairs and groups of adult boyfriends who are not from small travellers..... or desperate for themselves while the grandchildren remain at home with the children. Although cruise lines are doing their best to staff the under 18s with kitted-out kid clubs and twilight-tid hour actions (not to speak of late-night parties and baby-sitting ), kids are known to run free on boats and hang out in staircases and perpetually ride the lifts and generally bother their senior ship mates.

You don't have to settle for stubborn whipper snappers on your cruise. A lot of adult cruising sails completely child-free or with a minimum number of well-behaved typs. These cruise models are the top of the range for cruising without the bellows packing on board. We also have a few hints on how you can avoid children on a cruise if you don't want to miss out on main-stream yachting in the high seasons.

Out with children? The best baby, child and youth cruise itineraries can be found in our Family cruise section. High-end private vessels such as Silversea Creises, Seabourn Cruise Line, SeaDream Yacht Club and Regent Seven Seas Creises (or ultra-premium brands such as Oceania Creises, Windstar Creises, Azamara Club Creises and Vicky Ocean Cruises) are sophisticated, graceful and designed for the grown-up.

They are also among the most costly in the sector. All of these elements together mean that you will find few children on board. As a rule, a programme of cultural walks in historical towns and the absence of mega-ship comforts ( "production shows", juvenile lounge, etc.) keep cruise ships free of children. In fact, some middle-aged travellers say they're not old enough for cruising rivers either - but that's another tale.

However, on averages you can choose from the European, American, Egyptian and Asian waterways and savour typical wine and picturesque cruise ships in an accordingly tranquil area. If you are looking for adult sailing, your best option is to cruise on a boat that does not allow kids on board.

Yes, there are only adult ferries, but there aren't too many. Arcadia, Oriana and from April 2019 Aurora will only be available as an adult. They must be at least 50 years old to cruise with Grand Circle Small Ship cruises or Saga Haildays in the UK (but travelling company can already be 40 years old).

Travelling to ancient times is considered "unsuitable for under 12s ", and under 16s are discouraged from travel. They could also find lifestyle-based full-ship charter free kids- like nudist or homosexual couple cruises. Just let us know what you are looking for. Certainly they can be globetrotters, but in general, the more expansive the route, the fewer the number of homes they have.

Cruise to the Far East, South Pacific, Africa, the Arctic and Antarctica and you will usually find more adult orientated surroundings. And even routes that usually draw the family have less on these departures. Firms are prone to cruise for a week or less. If you are cruising for adults only, select a longer route and you are fairly safe to sail with fewer children.

When you are in the Caribbean, select a 10-nights or longer route, especially those that have a full or partially Panama Canal-Transit. Longer Repositionierungsfahrten, large journeys and Weltkreuzfahrten have also a good chance to be child-free. A lot of folks are reluctant to take their children out of schools for a holiday.

Booking your cruise during the academic year, you will definitely see a decline in the number of young people. Whilst a carnival or Caribbean cruise to the Caribbean will always have a child on board, non-holiday departures are likely to have less and are less crowded with them. Or, combining a field outing with some of the above mentioned classes (e.g. long sails to an more adult line more comfortable ), and you will significantly decrease your chance of struggling to gain elevator and whirlpool controls with the kit for under 18s.

If you only have to cruise the mega-ship in summers..... They can use certain ploys for the escape of children on a cruise -- especially main current, high seasons departures -- but it will probably taste you. Reserving a hotel room is a good way to minimise meetings with young cruise ships. Select a large balconied suites and perhaps even a Jacuzzi bath to help cut your cravings on open sundecks and in open lounge areas.

A number of luxurious suites on the Celebrity, Norwegian and MSC Cruise routes even have swimming pool, gym, restaurant and lounge areas that are only available to suitesites. If you are booking a suites on selected vessels of the RC (or if you are a Pinnacle member in the line fidelity program), you can dine in the Coastal Kitchen privately owned canteen.

This does not necessarily mean that you will not meet children during your dinner, but it is likely that the few - if any - you will meet will show their best behaviour. Be it a spas, casinos, a solarium for grown-ups or a post-work café, there is usually at least one meeting point for grown-ups on board each sail.

Disney Cruise Line has an amusement area on its boats for grown-ups only. Select seats for your evening meal, or, even better, eat in special places (the later, the better) to avoid eating with the knuckle biteers.

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