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Lodging Port Vila Vanuatu

Favourite hotels in Port Vila. Contemporary hotels in Port Vila: -Starfish Cove Resort locations, prices, amenities: Expert Port Vila Research, hotel and Travel Index only. Forum Port Vila I and my man spent the night at the erathap beach resort loving it. Hello, it is a wonderful place, but only for grown-ups, except during the holidays! What is the small isle opposite Erhatap?

This small islet near the town of Ermatap is an inhabited part of the country where you can go out on an erratap and have a personal picknick.

and he will call the rescue boats back to collect you whenever you want. There' s actually a small islet and a slightly bigger one (where the Eratap Village folk lived a long while ago). Look at yesterday's Age paper - it's the most astonishing trade-off.

All we wish is that we hadn't just book a vacation elsewhere last weekend, otherwise we'd be back in Eratap this year! I' m sorry to burst in like this, but may I ask what a great bargain this is? In Eratap for 7 overnight stays. On the website I can see that the offer contains flight deals that have already been reserved for us.

Beautiful and neatly decorated guesthouse - Rating by The Sportsmens Hotels, Port Vila, Vanuatu

Sportmans Hotel is a pleasant, faire, functional and well run hotel. As Martin W says in his report, I also tripped over The Sportsman Hotel. Situated on a hillside, The Sportsman is there for you to savour the breeze from the ocean and near Laguna. The price includes (which is very reasonable) the laundry, dryer and folds the guests' clothing.

That means you don't have to change several garments for your holidays or your company outing.

Attractive Moorings Hôtel, Port Vila, Vanuatu rating

Rooms were not enormous, but certainly sufficient, 6 good TV canals, local bars and restaurants, beautiful breakfasts including. It also had a beautiful swimming pool and entrance to the beach with seakayaks and standing canoes. I' d give the place five stars, but they said they were in Reconstruction City.

They had very little remodelling work done, but they all had oceans sights clogged with hen fence covers overlaid in brud. Cleo F, we appreciate that you take the opportunity to check your visit to us. They were in recognition of the guests' comprehension and collaboration during the ongoing renovation work, as indicated at the moment of reservation.

The fence and the foil should keep our esteemed customers safe from sound and dirt.

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