Accommodation Apia Samoa

Lodging Apia Samoa

Accommodation that guests in Apia love. - A/C Look for and compare Apia, Samoa hotels and accommodations with our interactive hotel finder. One of the best hotels in Apia Samoa is a 3-star 15-bedroom hotel that has been and is being constructed for a specific use, by Salausa Dr. John Ah Ching, Associate Minister of Health, and Faimalotoa Kika Stowers, Minister for Women and Societal Development, on 5 May..

.. A facility with a specific aim - to maintain a health centre for the Samoa population.

A 5-10 minute stroll to three other restaurants in Giodano's Pizzeria, Scalinis, Kokobanana. A 10 minute stroll to the central clinic and a 5 minute stroll to Lynn's mall. Most Samoans do not have DeepL to healthcare specialized in time. It is our goal to give something back to our municipalities through professional, long-term service.

From August 2018 we will be serving you a delicious Samoan kitchen and a choice of meals from a cooking inspiring mealcard. Alec' s Home Away provides a wide choice of amenities and equipment for your convenience and pleasure. We are located 5 minutes walk from Samoa's central clinic and 5 minutes by car from the center of Apia.

Alec' s also provides funding for the Health Specialist's Centre. With us you offer the possibility to sponsor a health centre for Samoa for your HOME AWAY.

Coconut Beach Club Resort & Spa, Samoa

There''s a magic place named Samoa. The Coconuts Beach Club is located in the centre of this South Pacific paradise, a truly relaxed, genuine Samoan residence. The Coconuts Beach Club & Spa represents the uniqueness and wonder of the cultural wealth of Samoa.

Offering Samoan-inspired accommodations, such as Samoa's only over-the-water fales, it' s ideal on the south shore of Upolu, with fantastic sunrises and sunsets. Conveniently placed to discover all the places and adventures of the Isle, Coconut provides many of the amenities and service you would want from a much bigger residence, with the hearts and souls of a small, private retreat. Enjoy your stay in Coconut with us.

Situated in a charming and welcoming setting, Coconuts offers a real Samoa cuisine. Coconuts offers an unmistakable, relaxed and casual and elegant event, whether you want a honeymoon, a surfing or diving trip, a view into the old and exciting cultures or a basic sundown.

The coconut is Samoa!

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