4 Seasons Hotel Lanai Hawaii

Hotel Lanai Hawaii 4 seasons

Manele Bay Road Lanai City 96763 USA Hotel. From the hotel to the town, 8 miles (13 km). One Keomoku Highway, Lanai City, HI 96763-22. Forty-one miles south of Molokai Centre. Deluxe, Smoke Free, Full Service, Sea Side, Lanai Hotel, Rated Very High, $$$$$$$$ Hotel Description.

Lanai Four Seasons Resort (Lanai City, HI)

The best place (location), personnel and qualities I have met in person. It was our 4th time in Lanai and the first since the reconstruction. The rooms and the estate were worn out before the renovation, but the low pitch and the charme were a great attraction for us. I can sense the conversion of Lanai - only very few people get its unobtrusive insularity.

In the 1980s, the new swimming pool and the covered "rainforest" overlook the cove and the huge pieces of furnishings in the rooms make you look more stylish and claustrophobic. Here are some of the most beautiful spots in the world. I' m not writing this to take down the place as we had 4 great working nights, the personnel (especially Jay down at the shore, who took great good charge of us every day), but in the hope that the managment will do well.

There is no need to say how beautifully located the islands and its amenities are. One of the things that makes your visit so unbelievable is the exceptional services that every member of staff offers during the four seasons. Accompanying you on your way home, the Embassies will welcome you in person to present the amenities and provide personalized services throughout your sojourn.

All employees from our service, home economics, souvenir stores and transport teams are always kind and warm-hearted. There was a lot of fun on the beaches every day. Our lifeguards have fulfilled all our needs and could not have made us really smile. Staying at the Four Seasons was the ideal way to commemorate our fiftieth birthday and was our best holiday ever.

Last months, my missus and I were celebrating my sixtieth anniversary at the Four Seasons Lanai. It was breathtaking, our room was wonderful, the meals were tasty and above all the personnel handled us with unbelievable friendliness. You made my birthdays very festive.

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