3 Days in North Island new Zealand

Magdeburg 3 Days in North Island New Zealand

Answer 1 of 21: We fly to Auckland around 6am and have to pick up our son in Nelson 4 days after our arrival in Auckland. Car free travel; city sights; vineyards. Read more about trip - cycling- yo.

Thing is, you can't see everything unless you take three to six months off to travel from North Island to New Zealand's South Island. Explore short, 2-3 day tours and New Zealand excursion packages.

Magdeburg 3 Days North Island New Zealand - North Island Forum

There will be many trips - it is about 405 mile from Auckland to Wellington, and if you make 50 during the trip, that's pretty good for New Zealand. But, as it seems, you drive to Hamilton - quite a good and simple street by New Zealand standard.

Not overcrowded with touristic attractions, Hamilton has an appealing setting, with dairy herds around it, on the Waikato River. A dozen lodges with similar amenities are located along Ulster Street north of the center and several Victoria Street eateries further down the southern side.

I' d approve the itinerary proposed by other places, from Hamilton to the Waitomo Caves - only about 50km. Afterwards - Hot-Foot it, so you can get to Tongariro National Park before nightfall. From SH48 to Whakapapa (yes, fah-kah-pah-pah-pah-pah - but nobody curses), and more from the town, so that you can walk and see the landscape.

North Island has a ski field right above the town, and you could say that you spend the nights on an energetic vulcano. From there it is 330 km to Wellington - about four of them. Afterwards it is a two-lane road and a small piece of highway when you get close to Wellington.

In Wellington - there are so many idyllic places and lodges that I don't know where to start. In order to get back to Picton Ferry, drive via Jervois, then via the Aotea Quays. The Wellington Zoo in Newtown, of course. I' m sorry this is a little sketchy, but your timeframe is so short that you can't do much, you'll usually drive.

Hopefully you will have more free moment to relax when you arrive on the South Island - and that you can drive together.

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